About us

The main activity of Galenkov Company Ltd. is cutting, polishing, shearing and installation of limestone, granite, travertine, onyx and other products.

Our product catalog includes commodities like: stairs, tiles for the exterior and the interior, window sills, caps balconies, kitchen and bathroom countertops, pedestals, claddings and many more. The types of processing of the stone surface are various, in accordance with the customer’s requirements – polishing, filling, burning, antique, etc.

Our company imports slabs and blocks from various European countries – travertine and marble from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia; granite and onyx from China, India and Iran.

Another one of the materials we use is, of course, the popular Bulgarian “Vratsa” limestone.

Apart from the central office in Blagoevgrad, we have agency in Sofia and a warehouse, facilitating the commercial links with current and new customers.

As far as our customers are concerned, they can rely on:

For years we have been working with permanent partners, many construction companies, entrepreneurs, architects, colleagues and end users, with whom we have established good commercial relations.

Over the years we have participated in the completion of many construction projects and we are reliable partners in the functioning of many construction and investment companies.


Our manufacturing and office base

  • Мрамор
  • Гранит
  • Варовик
  • Облицовки
  • Первази
  • Китайски гранит
  • Плочи китайски гранит
  • Варовик
  • Гранит
  • Тераси
  • Мрамор
  • Барплотове
  • Гнайс
  • Травертин
  • Оникс
  • Фасади
  • Плотове
  • Мрамор
  • Варовик
  • Гранит